lauantai 26. maaliskuuta 2011

A fresh pair of new shoes

 Nike 6.0 Mavrk Mid 2
Actually I bought two pairs of shoes today. Local shoestore had some great sales, -36% off from any normal priced, this spring's shoes. And that was more that fine by me, so i bought two. My old reebok Ex-O-Fit Hi started to be abit worn out. They are still great in clubs, as I don't have to worry ppl stepping on them.
Adidas Vespa px 2

Oh ye, I'll post a new set of clothing next week, prepare for colors.

Peace and new shoes

torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2011

Why to wear expensive brands

I don't force myself to Always buy only the expensive or famous brands, when it comes to clothes, but it's alot harder to find good looking clothes from some random cheap brands from some random stores. And the quality of is always questionable. I'm not saying that the price always means quality, as I've owned, for instance, some horrible quality products from CK (Calvin Klein). I recommend buying clothes because of how they look, not because they have some famous logo printed in them. And always question quality, no matter what you are buying.


Oh how I waited this day and now it just doesn't feel so good afterall. Just as we were leaving our house, I accidentaly got alot of mud stains in my pants, cause the ground was really slippery because of ice and I leaned against our car. Great. And then I had to change pants fast, and guess what... I forgot my ID into the pocket of those dirty pants that I left home. And now they are 250km away. How f*cking awesome. Now it's unsure am I able to get in to watch the stand-up comedy. The show is K-18.. And of course I am unable to buy any drinks, haise I'm pretty sure I will be asked of ID..WHICH I DON'T HAVE WITH ME! And why didn't tod bless me with awesome beard so I would not be asked of ID. This is just bulls.... *ahem* splendid.

keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2011

Red wine and music

Yo, I apogolize the slow start of my blog, but I've been really busy with my final-goddamn-exams. I passed though, and got pretty good grades also! One less thing to worry about.
..And now im going to celebrate the end my studies. University is waiting for me though, but I'd rather not think about it in...lets say 1-2 years.
So, as I said before, tonight is a party night. Im gonna crash at my friends crib, we gonna zip some red wine while listening top notch music and then we'll move on to beer and stuff. Ah CAN'T WAIT!

Things to do/get:
-Red wine         CHECK
-beer                CHECK
-friends            CHECK
-music             CHECK
-go to a club   WILL BE DONE LATER

I'll get back to clothing and stuff @ weekend, you know, sometimes you just have to party. And to show off. And to be awesome.

And meanwhile i was writing this down, I got a call from my friend and he is unsure will he drink tonight. IF HE WON'T drink, it means that the party just got abit more lame. Oh well, I guess i have to enjoy the other parts of the list then. Club should be pretty crowded though, as many ppl finished their finals, so mayby I'm not so alone after all. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Oh ye, almost forgot to mention, I'm going to a cruise  "ON A BOAT" (like lonelyisland guys like to sing it) tomorrow. We have a suite, there will be some live stand-up comedy and...drinks of course. So basicly the boat is filled with awesomeness! Peace out, and I hope the best night for everyone out there tonight!


maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2011

Yo, desided to drop by

I just can't help it but Mac keeps on doing amazing tracks. That pothead's flow is so good that it makes me smile. I hope it makes you too (even though i havent got too many readers). If you are into rap, i suggest you go and check out Mac Miller's albums KIDS and The High Life. They both are filled with awesomeness.


First post, first clothes

First of all, let me introduce myself... You can call me Gaphill, and umm...oh well, im a college kid (graduating this year, though) from Finland and I'm into dope clothing. Sneakers, jeans, shirts, caps, You name it! The idea of my blog is to pick some random clothing from various brands to create cool sets of clothing.

What I hope from You, dear reader, is to understand that I am doing this for the enjoyment. I am not a professional or anything. I'm just an average kid from the west coast of Finland. So, I hope you find inspiration from my posts to dress up better than others on your block.

I want to make one thing clear: I AM NOT following latest fashion, I'm checking clothes that are...oh well, dope.

It's now winter here..or spring. Or spring is on its way atleast! I prefer summer over winter, big time. Summer clothes are more comfy atleast, and trust me, I know alot of winter clothing as I've been skiing for over 13-years now, and the winters here are pretty cold and demanding.

But hey, I know you aren't the book-worm type (atleast I'm not) so let's get down the business.

As the spring comes, here is something I would wear:
Beanie: White Moment Hobo Yellow
Longsleeved shirt: Dark red knitwear from local store
T-shirt: Blueprint Shapeshifter t-shirt
Jeans: Fallen Footwear Cole signature
Shoes: Creative recreation Solano

Why so much grey? Well, it looks fresh without getting visible stains from dust and such. And spring is dusty time.