maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2011

First post, first clothes

First of all, let me introduce myself... You can call me Gaphill, and umm...oh well, im a college kid (graduating this year, though) from Finland and I'm into dope clothing. Sneakers, jeans, shirts, caps, You name it! The idea of my blog is to pick some random clothing from various brands to create cool sets of clothing.

What I hope from You, dear reader, is to understand that I am doing this for the enjoyment. I am not a professional or anything. I'm just an average kid from the west coast of Finland. So, I hope you find inspiration from my posts to dress up better than others on your block.

I want to make one thing clear: I AM NOT following latest fashion, I'm checking clothes that are...oh well, dope.

It's now winter here..or spring. Or spring is on its way atleast! I prefer summer over winter, big time. Summer clothes are more comfy atleast, and trust me, I know alot of winter clothing as I've been skiing for over 13-years now, and the winters here are pretty cold and demanding.

But hey, I know you aren't the book-worm type (atleast I'm not) so let's get down the business.

As the spring comes, here is something I would wear:
Beanie: White Moment Hobo Yellow
Longsleeved shirt: Dark red knitwear from local store
T-shirt: Blueprint Shapeshifter t-shirt
Jeans: Fallen Footwear Cole signature
Shoes: Creative recreation Solano

Why so much grey? Well, it looks fresh without getting visible stains from dust and such. And spring is dusty time.


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