keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2011

Red wine and music

Yo, I apogolize the slow start of my blog, but I've been really busy with my final-goddamn-exams. I passed though, and got pretty good grades also! One less thing to worry about.
..And now im going to celebrate the end my studies. University is waiting for me though, but I'd rather not think about it in...lets say 1-2 years.
So, as I said before, tonight is a party night. Im gonna crash at my friends crib, we gonna zip some red wine while listening top notch music and then we'll move on to beer and stuff. Ah CAN'T WAIT!

Things to do/get:
-Red wine         CHECK
-beer                CHECK
-friends            CHECK
-music             CHECK
-go to a club   WILL BE DONE LATER

I'll get back to clothing and stuff @ weekend, you know, sometimes you just have to party. And to show off. And to be awesome.

And meanwhile i was writing this down, I got a call from my friend and he is unsure will he drink tonight. IF HE WON'T drink, it means that the party just got abit more lame. Oh well, I guess i have to enjoy the other parts of the list then. Club should be pretty crowded though, as many ppl finished their finals, so mayby I'm not so alone after all. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Oh ye, almost forgot to mention, I'm going to a cruise  "ON A BOAT" (like lonelyisland guys like to sing it) tomorrow. We have a suite, there will be some live stand-up comedy and...drinks of course. So basicly the boat is filled with awesomeness! Peace out, and I hope the best night for everyone out there tonight!


4 kommenttia:

  1. Oh god.
    That song.
    Sounds like a good night though.

  2. And it was, but now I'm damn tired...but omw to the cruise. And ye....that song heh, oh god idd.