torstai 24. maaliskuuta 2011


Oh how I waited this day and now it just doesn't feel so good afterall. Just as we were leaving our house, I accidentaly got alot of mud stains in my pants, cause the ground was really slippery because of ice and I leaned against our car. Great. And then I had to change pants fast, and guess what... I forgot my ID into the pocket of those dirty pants that I left home. And now they are 250km away. How f*cking awesome. Now it's unsure am I able to get in to watch the stand-up comedy. The show is K-18.. And of course I am unable to buy any drinks, haise I'm pretty sure I will be asked of ID..WHICH I DON'T HAVE WITH ME! And why didn't tod bless me with awesome beard so I would not be asked of ID. This is just bulls.... *ahem* splendid.

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